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Fish for Sale

Fish For Sale

Note: Email to post any changes to an ad, if you sold a listing, or if a posted ad is a scam.

Unfortunately, not everyone out there is honest, use common sense when dealing with people. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Koi Fish for sale
Location:San Diego
Koi fish for sale. I have four more than i need. The fish are about 5-8 inches now and they're crowding my little pond. Pick up only in San Diego, California. $1.00 each.

Name:kevin hill
Location:jefferson city
Im looking for a couple of Gar, have 100 gallon tank, thinking 3 or 4 smaller ones to start. thanks

Dry and Frozen sea cucumber
Name:World Fish
Dry and Frozen sea cucumber .From Turkey at an affordable price.
It is clean inside and out, no sand and not dirt. Interested buyer should contact me.

ornate bichir
Name:Michael John Glonek
Location:Rock Hill
pair of ornate bichir
open to best offer

Name:James Loike
Location:West Hempstead
Axolotl or Mexican walking fish.

$25 each.

Koi fish
I have 4 Koi Fish I'm looking to sell. I can no longer have them. I have 1 butterfly and 3 regular. Everything comes with. Tank, food, bag of river rocks, chemicals for the tank. All that. Need gone soon! Please help!

Thanks so much!

Name:Bill Coburn
Phone:419 656 1098
8-12 cownose sting rays for saye

2-4 Atlantic Rays

small -medium all stingers removed, trained to hand feed

Butterfly koi
20 inch butterfly koi. 400$

Peacock Endler
Name:The Endler Shop
Endlers are captivatingly colorful small tropical freshwater fish, which are extremely hardy and very animated. Male Endlers boast swirls of neon and metallic color – both vivid and mesmerizing – in limitless color combinations. Haughty reds mix with pastoral greens as zesty oranges mingle with azure blues, hints of purple and mellow yellows in an endless kaleidoscope of color. They are certain to add a burst of energy and a dramatic splash of color to any aquarium. Unmistakably a true “Aquatic Jewel.”

Registered "N" Class Pure Strain Endler Breeder

6 cownosed sting rays, 3 Atlantic rays 3 Horse Shoe Crabs

Some available now and in early September .

Approximately 16-18" wingspan

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